NJ 350

Celebrate with us in 2014 as New Jersey commemorates its 350th birthday!

We've categorized many Hidden New Jersey stories by the anniversary's three themes, Innovation, Diversity and Liberty. Whether you're planning a road trip or just want to take an armchair adventure with us, just click on a link and learn more about what makes the state so great!

Check back often -- we'll be adding more stories to each category throughout the year.

Edison's New Village cement plant - finally found!
The Wizard's roots, better than ever: the Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park
The birth of the Mason jar
The once-celebrated Pulaski Skyway
The Vineland wine that wasn't: the evolution of Welch's Grape Juice
Straight to the moon, Diana!
Bicycles and bigamy: the life of Hezekiah Smith
Newark, Bamberger's and the rise of radio
Edison and the electric railroad
Vegas... Paris... Roselle... cities of light
Thomas Edison's hidden link to body art
Edison, Harrison and the lost light bulb factory
New Jersey's role in modernizing a nation
A soft landing and a majestic tree in Deptford
Little Ferry's historic clay industry
From wireless to radar: Camp Evans and the InfoAge Science Center
Lights, camera... Fort Lee!
Seabrook Farms: innovation brings agricultural breakthroughs
Elizabeth White: Berry good for the Pinelands
Safety follows wisdom in Alpha
Drink it in: the Guinness collection of instruments and automata
Air mail and basketball shoes: the story of Hadley Field

Immigration's lesser-known New Jersey gateway
A truly Revolutionary doctor: Warren County's Peggy Warne
Breaking the color barrier at Shady Rest
The Right to vote and beyond: the legacy of Florence Eagleton
Groundbreaking Fort Lee filmmaker Alice Guy Blache
Gloucester City: Philadelphia's Ellis Island
From enslavement to business mogul: Elizabeth Sutliff Dulfer
Seabrook Farms: history and diversity through vegetables
Saving a piece of Civil Rights and journalism history: T. Thomas Fortune
Making reservations: the Lenape at Indian Mills
Par three, swampy Revolution and the Underground Railroad
Parvin State Park: more diversity in rural New Jersey
Lawnside: a Free Haven in history
Entrepreneurial pluck: Dr. Rose Faughnan and the Passaic Private Hospital
Elizabeth White: Berry good for the Pinelands
Sabotage and Bravery at Lyndhurst: Tessie McNamara and the 1917 Kingsland explosion
Honoring the Civil War's Black troops
A one room revolution: Clara Barton at Bordentown
Oliver Cromwell in Burlington, fighting for the patriot cause

A truly Revolutionary doctor: Warren County's Peggy Warne
I spy a patriot: the art and espionage of Patience Lovell Wright
History revised, Cornwallis redirected and the times that try men's souls, at Palisades Interstate Park
Fort Billings and Gloucester's revolutionary history
Elizabeth Haddon: A 21st century woman in colonial New Jersey
Benjamin Franklin's New Jersey money connection
Ambush at River Vale: the Baylor massacre
Par three, swampy Revolution and the Underground Railroad
Basking Ridge's patriot nobleman: Lord Stirling, William Alexander
Mercer: a county, a tree, and a kick-butt general
Jockey Hollow Cemetery: Morristown's hidden tribute to remarkable patriot troops
A classical ruin and the preservation of the Princeton Battlefield
Betsy Ross' elopement at Gloucester City
The Spirit of 1776, penned in Parsippany
Saluting New Jersey's Military Heritage: the National Guard Militia Museum
Cadwalader crossing the Delaware at Dunk's ferry
The Battle of Chestnut Neck: Atlantic County's Revolutionary War saga
Jingle bells across the Arthur Kill? A Revolutionary almost-attack on the British
The Elizabethtown presidential mansion: Boxwood Hall
Washington, damn the torpedoes and hitting an elephant: Plainfield's Drake House
Francis Hopkinson, bringing wit to the Revolution
Green(wich) tea: tasting a little burnt
The massacre: not in Boston, but at Hancock's house
Newark's Liberty Pole
The Dey Mansion: Washington slept here, too
Saving a bit of defiant pluck: the Frazee house and the Revolution

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