Monday, May 16, 2011

Random updates, and an apology

First, the apology (of sorts). Last week's Hidden New Jersey post on the Battle of Connecticut Farms was the victim of a massive Blogger glitch. I was hoping it would return after the Blogger folks reset the website, but alas, it has not. Unfortunately, I didn't save it as a separate document, so I'll need to reconstruct it from scratch. It's a shame, too: I was really very happy with the way it turned out.

Funny thing is, I'd tried to post a similar story on another blog a few years ago, and that post disappeared, as well. Perhaps the fates don't want the story to be told online? You really do have to wonder.

On another topic, Ivan's World Series of Birding team spotted a grand total of 106 species during Saturday's event. (It would have been 107 had the rooster been permitted in the count.) Rainy weather kept the migrant count down, affecting the final number. I'm just happy enough that a find I made on one of my solo field trips ended up contributing to the count: the monk parakeets at Overpeck Park in Bergen County.

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